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'Be more like Grace'

Grace tragically lost her life on the 13th of June 2023 in an attack in Nottingham. She was simply walking home after a night out with friends after celebrating end-of-year medical school exams.

Grace was loved endlessly by all and everything she gave to the world in her 19 short years should never be forgotten. The Grace Malley-Kumar Foundation has been set up to fund causes that Grace supported, that embodied her values and to further build an enduring legacy to keep her memory alive.

Grace embraced people from all walks and all backgrounds. She never liked to see anyone excluded and would fight the corner for friends who felt excluded and would befriend those she thought were lonely. She was compassionate, kind, caring and gave her time to friends in distress who needed her help in anyway, physically or emotionally. Grace cared enormously for everyone. We all should be more loving and caring towards each other – ‘Lets be more like Grace’.