Grace O'Malley Kumar Foundation

Our Grace

Grace tragically lost her life on the 13th of June 2023 in an attack in Nottingham. She was simply walking home after a night out with her friend, Barnaby, after celebrating end-of-year medical school exams when Barnaby was attacked with a dagger from behind. Grace tried to fight off the attacker when he turned his attention to her and went about attacking her in the same brutal manner as he did to Barnaby.  Grace’s character would never leave a friend, so she did her very best and fought the attacker in a fight she would never win, Grace died a hero. 

Grace O’Malley-Kumar was the loving daughter of Dr Sinead O’Malley and Dr Sanjoy Kumar and a loving sister to James O’Malley-Kumar. Grace was a trailblazer; she was the 1st ladies’ county cricketer in school and pushed the boundaries of ladies’ cricket at Bancroft’s School. Her hockey was at an even higher level. She represented England at U16 and U18s, later playing in the premiership for Nottingham University Ladies 1st Team and in her first year, she was part of the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) 2023 Gold medal winning team—one of her best and favourite memories. 

Grace was loved endlessly by all and everything she gave to the world in her 19 short years should never be forgotten. Grace O’Malley-Kumar Foundation has been set up to fund causes that Grace supported, that embodied her values and to build an enduring legacy to keep her memory alive.

Academically, Grace worked hard and found a place at Nottingham University Medical School. As her parents have said, “All our beautiful daughter Grace wanted to be a doctor and play hockey“. She loved all her team and college mates. Grace had no time for excluded people; she had the warmest heart and always included people. She would be highly perceptive to any sadness in others, more so than anyone and would do all she could to eliminate it. She would take people out, introduce them to others and form group friendships, which we now call ‘Grace Groups’. We are most proud of Grace’s qualities as a human. Her caring nature is something that we believe is one of Grace’s most significant legacies and a quality that we would like to actively encourage in peer groups. No one should feel lonely or marginalised. Everyone should have someone they can turn to. Sometimes, these relationships need to be generated in advance to avoid loneliness, isolation and facilitate speaking to a group of peers; hence, the proposition of  ‘Grace Groups’ is a continuing project for the Foundation. 


‘Lets be more like Grace’