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James' Monthly Duathlon/Triathlon

James' Tough Training

 This is an inspiring as that of James, a lifelong friend of Grace O’Malley-Kumar. This year, James has set himself a daunting yet exhilarating challenge: to complete a series of duathlons and triathlons each month, culminating in an Olympic triathlon. His goal? To push his limits and raise funds for the Grace O’Malley-Kumar Foundation.

For James this is more then a fundraiser or a test of physical endurance this is him paying tribute to our beloved Grace. Testing himself physically and mentally he is going all across the United Kingdom participating in different events. 

Fitting in between his busy schedule James has taken this time to train and work for this event, during the early hours of the morning before work or after sunset after a busy day of work. 

Keep an eye on the Grace O’Malley-Kumar Foundation Instagram Page to see constant updates on James’ training and his events, seeing what amazing times he can complete the races in. 

If you are interested in donating and helping James hit his goal you can donate here

A quote from James

“I knew Grace for 16 years of my life, since nursery. We lived opposite each other, shared school runs, and holidayed as families together. She was one of my best friends. Grace always had a big impact on my life, always helping and giving me advice whenever I needed it. She was also such a clever girl, acing every exam and test she ever sat. She was always there for me as was I for her, she would always give me the best advice. Her smile was so contagious it would light up a whole room. She was beautiful inside and out. I miss her so so much.

So this year, to help raise money for the strong values Grace stood for and cared about, it’s the least I could do. I will be competing in a duathlon/ triathlon every single month to lead up to competing in an Olympic triathlon by the end of this year. Any donations would be greatly appreciated not only by me but by Sanjoy, Sinead and James. It would mean so much to all of us. Grace once wrote in a card for me when I went to a new school, ‘never forget about me, as I’ll never forget about you’ Grace, I’ll never forget you, ever. This is for you Grace ❤”

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