Grace O'Malley Kumar Foundation

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Royal Oak Half Marathon

On Sunday, 24th September, friends of Grace’s and members of the University of Nottingham Ladies hockey club took to the streets in Nottingham and began the Robinhood half marathon at 9:30 AM to raise money for the Grace O’Malley-Kumar foundation.


We would like to thank everyone who ran in the half marathon. The hard work everyone put in is a true testament to Grace. 


It was an amazing event that finished up an amazing weekend, thank you to everyone who came to Nottingham, coming from all over the UK.

Oscar King one of Grace’s School friends said 


“It was heartwarming to see the overwhelming support from parents and throughout the course of the race, alongside of the large group of us running altogether. It helped us push through as a group and it drew much love and attention from others in the race and in attendance.”

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