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A few words about

Royal Oak Half Marathon

We would like to congratulate all of the runners who took part in the Royal Oak Half Marathon. Great job, everyone! You’ve raised a great sum of money for the Grace O’Malley Kumar Foundation. Your dedication and hard work in training and during the event are truly commendable. Thank you for your outstanding efforts!


A quote from Jo Peddy, one of the runners:

“9 years ago I thought I had run my last half marathon but that was not to be. I felt so utterly useless with the senseless death of Grace but by agreeing to run another half marathon I felt that I was in some way doing something (however small) to help in such a tragic situation. That something was to try and raise as much money as we could to support Grace’s foundation and to keep her memory and everything that she stood for alive.

Jenny, Juliet, Kim, Guy, Lara, Ailsa, Hannah, Andy, Tony and I all came from different connections to Grace – be it WGPS parents, Old Loughts, Woodford Wells, Bancrofts, all with a common purpose of raising as much as we could.

However hard the run and the training were (and I seemed to find the actual day very hard!) it was a tiny fraction of what Sinead, Sanjoy and James are faced with daily. The day was emotionally charged knowing that Grace was with us both in our hearts but her photo on the back of our running vests and that magical smile encouraging us on. It is an incredible experience running in a charity event – the vibe is amazing but emotionally charged. It was heart-breaking realising how many people are touched by their own tragedies and losses.”

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